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When to engageGeennee ?

Report to CIS Foundation

This is the so-called "Black List" of insurers. Are you on this? No problem. We can accept you even with a CIS registration.

Too much damage?

Have you been involved in too many claims, resulting in a so-called "malus registration" or less claim-free years? No problem.

Expelled due to premium arrears?

Once late in paying the premium? Even then we can just accept you.

Criminal history

Have you been criminally convicted within the past 8 years? Then many companies do not want to accept you. This is not a problem with us.

Been disqualified from driving?

Have you had a driving suspension for 1 day or longer? If so, we also have insurance options for you.

Driver too young or too old?

Many insurers have strict acceptance requirements for young or old drivers. With us, this is not a problem.

"driving disqualification

De Vereende

Our goal is to place you with a regular insurance company. In many cases we succeed in doing so. If this is not possible, we cooperate with De Vereende. The advantage is that with us, as the only company in the Netherlands, you can directly get an online indication of the premium to be paid by De Vereende.