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Too much damage and still take out insurance.

When you have claimed a loss on your insurance policy that cannot be recovered, you will generally fall back on your claim-free years. It is possible that you end up in the so-called malus; you then have fewer claim-free years than you started with.

In that case, there are few companies who will accept you and you generally end up with insurance policies of the Vereende. This is a good solution but often expensive.

In many cases, we at GeenNee.nl still have the possibility to insure you at the "regular" rate, which gives you a lower premium than at Vereende.

What are claim-free years?

Every year that you do not make a claim, you build up one claim-free year. As long as you do not make any claims with your insurer, you build up claim-free years during the term of your car insurance. With these claim-free years you receive a premium discount on your car insurance. The more claim-free years you build up the more premium discount you will receive. Read more about claim-free years here.

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