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De Vereende verzekeringen (formerly Rialto Verzekeringen) is the company that wants to insure special risks where regular companies drop out. Here you should think mainly of persons who are no longer welcome at regular insurance companies because of:

  • Have driven or caused many damages
  • Being in arrears with premium payments
  • Have been convicted criminally
  • Have had a driving disqualification
  • Have committed fraud

De Vereende will always accept the insurance, but the premium is higher than with regular insurance. This excess must be paid in advance, together with the premium.

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De Vereende car insurance

You have a beautiful car. Of course, you want to insure it properly. However, you have had some bad luck in the past. And, unfortunately, you have been in trouble with the law on occasion. Or you have a beautiful motorbike, but you have not always paid the insurance premium on time. Most insurers will therefore not accept you because of your (insurance) past. Or they consider your motorbike too big a risk. Sometimes you even run into a combination of the two. In that case you can go to De Vereende.


De Vereende liability insurance

With the liability insurance of De Vereende you are insured against damage that you accidentally cause to another person. Or to other people's belongings. How can you insure yourself?

- liability for you alone
- Liability for you and your family. You can also insure your children living in rooms for their studies. Even your pets! If they accidentally cause damage, it is covered.

De Vereende contents insurance and building insurance

De Vereende is a special insurer for special risks. Thus, anyone who cannot take out household insurance with another insurer can qualify for a De Vereende insurance. Also when you:

- has had many claims in a short period of time;
- Has not paid his or her premiums;
- has committed fraud;
- has a criminal record

In general, if another insurer considers the risk too 'large or too heavy', Vereende will gladly look for an insurance option.

Calculate and conclude De Vereende at

It is not possible to take out insurance directly with De Vereende. This is possible through an intermediary such as

As the first in the Netherlands it is possible at to calculate an indicative premium for the De Vereende tariff online. Calculate online the premium for a De Vereende policy and take out the insurance directly.

Calculate your premium online! Car, scooter, home insurance and much more...

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