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How can I insure my car if I have a CIS registration?

Are you trying to take out a car insurance, while you have a CIS registration? Then you will notice that this does not go without a hitch. Most insurers refuse people with a CIS registration. This is mainly because of the high risk they pose. But what should you do when you are in the CIS database and you still want to get a car insurance? And what does it cost?

Am I on the 'blacklist' for car insurance?

No, you are not on the blacklist. There is no such thing as a blacklist for insurers. This means the database of Stichting CIS. Your details are in the CIS database and are accessible to insurers and agents.

Can I insure my car against third-party liability if I have a CIS registration?

Yes, it is possible to take out third-party insurance with a CIS registration. There is a big chance, however, that this is not possible with a regular insurance company. When you own a car, you are obliged to take out third-party insurance. This must be done as soon as the registration number is in your name. However, insurance companies are not obliged to let you take out insurance; they do not have an acceptance obligation.

First of all, you can look at your registration. Do you suspect that this is incorrect or unjustified? If so, you can submit a request for correction through Stichting CIS. They will pass on your request to your insurer. The insurer will then decide whether they will remove the registration or leave it in place.

Does the CIS registration remain? Then you can actually only turn to the insurance company De Vereende. This insurance company insures the special risks, where regular insurance companies usually drop out. De Vereende has a broader acceptance policy and accepts almost everyone. This way you can still conclude a car insurance with a CIS registration.

CIS registration: what does it cost to insure a car?

The cost of your car insurance will be slightly higher than usual. The rule with insurers is: the higher the risk, the higher the premium. In principle De Vereende insures everybody, but there must be something in return. A higher premium, in other words.

Insurance company De Vereende does not use fixed premium rates. What you ultimately pay for your car insurance depends on the car you want to insure and on your claims and payment history. At GeenNee.nl you can already calculate an indication of the premium. That way, you will not have any unpleasant surprises. In any case, you should bear in mind that three months of premium must be paid in advance. In most cases, a deposit must also be paid. If you do not pay your premium on time, De Vereende can use this deposit to settle the unpaid premium. This deposit is returned to you after your policy with De Vereende has been terminated, provided that you always pay your premium on time.

Saving on car insurance

Now you may be wondering: won't it save me a lot of money if I just take out NO car insurance? The answer is a resounding no. When you drive uninsured, you risk hefty fines: €400 from the RDW and as much as €550 from the police. If you cause damage with an uninsured car, you are responsible for all the costs. Moreover, driving with an uninsured car is exactly the kind of situation that gets you a CIS registration. This is how you end up with the insurance company De Vereende after all.

Car insurance without check

Unfortunately, an insurance company will always check your details in the CIS database. This way they can see quickly enough whether you are registered or not. It is therefore not possible to apply for car insurance without a prior check. It is therefore important that you always fill in your application truthfully. You must report any special circumstances when applying for new insurance.

Calculate the premium for your car insurance directly via De Vereende!

  • Voor een berekening van de premies hebben we de postcode van de hoofdbestuurder nodig. Bij particulier gebruik dient de jongste bestuurder woonachtig te zijn op het zelfde adres als de aanvrager. Bij zakelijk gebruik kunt u hier de postcode van het bedrijf invullen.

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