Why report insurance fraud?

Many people find it difficult to report suspected insurance fraud. They do not know where to report it and do not want to accuse someone unfairly. Yet it can be wise to report a suspicion. After all, you yourself are also the victim of insurance fraud. Because the more fraud is committed, the higher the insurance premiums are. We explain which types of insurance fraud you can report and where you can do so.

Types of insurance fraud to be reported

Insurance fraud comes in all shapes and sizes. To make clear in which situations you can report fraud, we will briefly explain all types of insurance fraud. Actually, all types of insurance fraud can be divided into two categories: insurance fraud that takes place before the conclusion of an insurance contract and insurance fraud that takes place after the conclusion of an insurance contract:

Lying or concealing information when applying for insurance

An insurer always asks a number of acceptance questions when applying for insurance. Based on these acceptance questions, among other things, they decide whether to accept your insurance application. Acceptance questions are for example:

  • Have you ever been disqualified from driving?
  • Has your insurance ever been cancelled or refused by another insurer?
  • Have you come into contact with the police or justice system as a suspect in the past eight years?

You should answer these questions truthfully. By lying on the insurance application, someone is trying to increase his or her chances of acceptance and avoid having to take out insurance for a higher premium. If you do not answer the questions truthfully, you are committing insurance fraud.

Intentionally causing damage

It often happens that someone deliberately causes damage in order to receive compensation. For example, by staging a collision or driving into something intentionally. Do you suspect that someone has intentionally caused damage? Then you can always report this. An insurer will then investigate insurance fraud.

report insurance fraud

Claiming more damage than was actually suffered

It is very tempting: to claim a few more expensive items when there has been a break-in and some have already been stolen. Or claiming a few old dents in the car as new after a collision or parking accident. After all, the insurer has to pay out compensation anyway, so why not do something extra right away. This form of insurance fraud is perhaps the most common. People exaggerate the actual damage or the number of items stolen, so that they get a higher compensation from their insurer.

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Pretending to suffer damage or distorting the facts

Pretending to have suffered damage when this is not the case at all. For example, reporting a lost phone as stolen. Or reporting a car as stolen, when it is simply parked in the garage. It is also possible that someone submits a rejected claim again, but then with a different story so that the damage is still covered by the insurance. In this way, they twist the facts so that the insurer pays out after all.

Where can I report insurance fraud?

If you recognise one of the above forms of insurance fraud, you can always report it. You can do so (also anonymously) at the Insurance Crime Control Centre (CBV) of the Dutch Association of Insurers. The CBV helps insurers to combat insurance crime. You can report at [email protected] or call 070-333 85 00.

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