I have a CIS registration because I have not paid for my insurance: what should I do?

Do you have a CIS registration? This may have several causes. One of them is the non-payment of your insurance premium. Of course, it may happen that you are unable to pay the premium once, or perhaps you have simply forgotten. You will not immediately receive a CIS registration. However, if you are in arrears, problems may arise. We will explain it to you.

I have not paid, am I now on the 'blacklist'?

To get straight to the point: there is no such thing as a 'blacklist' for insurers. By this we actually mean the database of the CIS Foundation. So you do not get on the 'blacklist' if you do not pay your insurance, but you do get a CIS registration. Insurers can view your details in the CIS database. If they think you are too great a risk, they can refuse you insurance. This is where the idea of the so-called 'blacklist' comes from.

What are the consequences if I do not pay my insurance?

Have you had a month with a lot of big expenses? Then it is possible that you cannot pay the premium for your insurance (on time). Most insurers do not make a fuss about this. At first, you will receive a warning, after which you can still pay the premium. However, when you structurally fail to pay the premium, there is a chance that your insurer will stop the insurance. The insurer will then report this to the CIS Foundation. CIS stands for Central Information System. Stichting CIS puts your details in their database, making it accessible to all affiliated insurers and agents. In popular speech, a CIS registration is also called a 'blacklist'. A real 'blacklist' does not exist at all. This means a listing in the CIS database.

When you have a CIS registration, this has major consequences for your future insurance policies. Insurers always check the CIS database to see if a potential policyholder is registered. If that is the case, there is a big chance that they do not want to insure you. You then pose too great a risk for the insurance company.

How can I still get insurance with a CIS registration?

In principle, you can always submit a request for correction to your insurer. However, you must have a valid reason and be able to prove that the CIS registration is unjustified or incorrect. If your CIS registration is correct, you will not be able to take out insurance with many regular insurance companies. Will you not be able to get insurance at all? Fortunately yes, because otherwise you would never be able to drive your car or scooter again.

Even with a CIS registration you can always turn to the insurance company De Vereende. This insurance company is the insurer for special risks. They have a very broad acceptance policy and therefore accept, in principle, anyone.

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