Can I delete a CIS registration?

Do you have a CIS registration? Only the person who registered you can remove the registration before the term has expired. You cannot delete your CIS registration from the system yourself, but you can challenge it if you think it is unjustified. We explain how you can have a CIS registration deleted.

When will my CIS registration be automatically deleted?

When your CIS registration disappears from the database depends on the type of report:

Type of notification Duration of registration
Negative claim-free years 15 months
Non-compliance with financial obligation 3 years
Damage 5 years
Driving disqualification 5 years
Breach of contractual obligations 5 years
Insurance fraud 8 years

After this time, your CIS registration will automatically be deleted from the database. You will not be personally informed when the registration has been deleted.

Are you registered with CIS? Then you can submit a request for access to your file. You can send a written request with a copy of your ID by e-mail or post. If you wish to purchase insurance through Alpina, we unfortunately cannot request this information for you. Insurers are not allowed to give us information about the content of your CIS registration due to privacy laws.

CIS registration not removed? Get insurance through Alpina!

Does your insurer decide not to remove the CIS registration? Then you can actually only turn to the insurance company De Vereende for insurance. De Vereende was specially founded by insurers for insuring special risks. They have a broader acceptance policy and in principle they accept everyone as an insured. Of course, this is subject to a number of conditions. For example, the insurance premium is considerably higher than with other companies, you have to pay three months' premium in advance and in most cases you pay a deposit.

With us you can, as the only one in the entire Netherlands, calculate online an indication premium for your insurance via De Vereende. In this way you know in advance where you stand. Please bear in mind that the coverage of your insurance only takes effect when you have paid the first premium and have returned the application form fully completed and signed. It can therefore take a few days before you are covered.

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