What are the costs of insurance after cancellation?

Has your insurance been cancelled by an insurer? Then you will notice that it can be difficult to take out insurance again with a regular insurance company. Fortunately you can always turn to the insurance company De Vereende. But what exactly are the costs for insurance after expulsion? We have listed them for you below!

Why are insurance costs so high after cancellation?

The costs for insurance after expulsion may be a little higher than you are used to. This is because De Vereende does not have fixed premium rates. They look at each situation individually and then make a tailor-made offer. How high the costs ultimately are, depends on the type of insurance you want to take out and on your payment and claims history. There are, however, a number of costs that you can take into account in advance:

A higher premium than with a regular insurance company

With insurance the following always applies: the higher the risk, the higher the premium. This is also true for De Vereende. In case of fraud or non-payment, for instance, the risk is too great for a regular insurance company. That is why they often do not want to insure you. De Vereende specialises in insuring special risks, which is why the premium is also higher than with regular insurance companies. As a result, the costs of insurance after cancellation are higher than normal.

You must pay three months of premium in advance

When you take out insurance with De Vereende, you often have to pay three months of premium in advance. This is required if you choose monthly payment instead of quarterly, half-yearly or annual payment. It may happen that, when taking out the insurance, the invoice for the following month has already been sent to existing policyholders. As a new policyholder, you will not have received this invoice. To avoid being recorded as a defaulter, you should pay the first three months in advance. That way, there will be no misunderstandings. After these three months, you can simply choose to pay the premium every month.

cancellation insurance costs

You pay a deposit

Also, you often have to pay a deposit when taking out the insurance. Are you too late in paying your insurance premium or have you caused damage? In that case De Vereende may set off this deposit against the premium or damage still to be paid. Do you pay on time every month? Then you will simply get the deposit back after the insurance is terminated.

In general, the costs for an insurance after cancellation of your previous insurance are therefore a bit higher. However, exactly what the costs will be depends on your personal situation.

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