What are the consequences of concealing a criminal past?

With a criminal past, it is often more difficult to get insurance. Therefore, you may wonder whether it is not better to conceal a criminal past from the insurer. That saves you a lot of hassle. Concealing a criminal past, however, can have major consequences.

CIS registration

Concealing a criminal past will result in a CIS registration. Stichting CIS stands for Stichting Centraal Informatie Systeem. They store all important insurance details in their database, such as when someone has committed fraud or has driven a car without insurance. Insurers and proxies can enter this data into the national database. The purpose of the database is to make any risks manageable for insurers and to prevent fraud as much as possible. Concealing a criminal past (whether intentionally or not) is regarded as insurance fraud. This will result in a CIS registration.

Will I now be blacklisted by insurers?

We can be brief about this: no. There is no such thing as a 'blacklist' for insurers. This term is often used in popular speech, but in fact it does not exist at all. When people talk about a so-called blacklist, they are referring to a registration in the database of the CIS Foundation.

Can I still take out insurance if I have a criminal record?

Yes, with a criminal past there is a chance that a regular insurance company will still want to insure you. This depends on the type of offence committed and how long ago it was. In any case, the chance is higher than when you are registered as a fraudster. When you are registered as a fraudster, no regular insurance company will accept you and you will automatically end up with De Vereende. This involves extra costs. It is therefore very important that you answer all the questions on your insurance application truthfully. In this way you avoid being unable to take out insurance with a regular insurance company.

Concealing criminal records

De Vereende - insurance company specialised in insuring special cases

Our advice is to first use our online tool to compare insurance policies. Choose the insurance that suits you best and go through the entire application by filling in all the questions truthfully. It may be that the company still wants to insure you, even with a criminal past. Is your insurance application not accepted? Fortunately you can always turn to the insurance company De Vereende. They have been established especially for insuring special risks. This may be a criminal past, but also a special vehicle or a risky event. De Vereende has a broader acceptance policy than most insurance companies and, in principle, accepts everyone. Because of this you know for sure that you are properly insured.

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Acceptance requirements De Vereende

An insurance company estimates the amount of risk they are running in advance. They look in particular at the moral hazard. Moral hazard is often estimated to be higher for someone with a criminal record. It is assumed that a person with a criminal record is less careful with the insurance rules or with paying the premium. The risk for the insurer is therefore greater than normal. Based on this, they decide whether or not to accept the insurance application. This partly applies to De Vereende as well. They specialise in insuring special risks and therefore run a greater risk themselves. Therefore, there must be something in return. De Vereende has a number of conditions for taking out insurance:

  • You must pay three months' premium in advance, even if you choose to pay monthly instead of quarterly, half-yearly or annually.
  • The insurance only comes into effect after the premium for the first few months has been paid and they have received a signed application form.
  • In most cases you have to pay a deposit. Are you late paying the premium? Then they can use this deposit to settle the unpaid premium. If you pay the premium on time every month, the deposit will be returned to you when the insurance is terminated.

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