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I have been refused car insurance because of a criminal record, what now?

Has your car insurance application been denied because you have a criminal record? That's a shame, especially if your criminal record has nothing to do with your driving. You may find that having a criminal record makes it a lot harder to get car insurance. Is it impossible to insure a car at all? Fortunately, you can! Learn how you can still get insurance if your car insurance is denied because of a criminal record.

Consequences criminal record for your car insurance

A criminal record can have a major impact on getting car insurance, even if your criminal record has nothing to do with your driving. Insurers believe that a criminal record does say something about your values. During the insurance application, the insurer tries to determine how high the moral hazard is. The moral hazard is the risk that someone is less careful with the vehicle, because they know that in case of damage they will still receive compensation. For example, with car insurance, it may be that someone drives harder and more carelessly, because if there is an accident or damage to the car, the insurer will pay out anyway.

However, it is not the case that no regular insurance company will accept you anymore. Each insurer has different acceptance requirements. Whether you can still get car insurance from a regular insurance company depends on the severity of the offence and how long it has been committed. Does the insurance company accept your application for car insurance? Then there are certain conditions attached, such as a higher premium.

Can an insurer cancel my insurance because of a criminal record?

Yes, an insurer may cancel an insurance policy if you have a criminal record. Even if it turns out that you have concealed your criminal record when applying for insurance. You are obliged to mention a criminal record if the insurer asks for this. Your insurer has no insight into your criminal record. This gives them no insight into the risk they run. Are you concealing a criminal record? Then you are committing insurance fraud. As soon as the insurance company finds out that you have concealed a criminal record, they can immediately terminate your car insurance. You will then lose the right to payment in case of damage or accident. Moreover, you will be registered as a fraudster in the CIS database and it will be even more difficult to get car insurance in the future.

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How long does my criminal record remain registered with Stichting CIS?

A criminal record usually expires after five years, depending on the offence. This means that after five years you should be able to get car insurance again from a regular insurance company. However, if your offence was committed less than 8 years ago, you should still report it to the insurer. In that case, you can apply for a VOG (Certificate of Good Conduct). In this way you can demonstrate that your past does not (no longer) constitute an objection to an insurance policy. The insurer must then decide whether they want to insure you or not.

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Has your car insurance been denied because of a criminal record, but you still want to properly insure your car? You can always get car insurance at Alpina! Our advice is to first compare several regular car insurance policies through our online comparison tool. Do you see a car insurance that you like? Then you can go through all the questions and fill in truthfully. After that you will see if your application is accepted. Is it unfortunately not successful? Then we can always insure you with insurance company De Vereende. De Vereende specializes in insuring special risks, such as persons with a criminal record. They have a broader acceptance policy than other insurance companies and therefore accept almost everyone. Calculate directly online the premium for your car insurance through De Vereende and then close it easily!

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