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Can I get car insurance without a check?

When you apply for car insurance, the insurer will always do a check to see whether you are registered with the CIS. CIS stands for Central Information System, a national database in which information about consumers is registered that is of importance to an insurer. Examples are a criminal record or a driving disqualification, but also an (excessive) number of damage claims. Insurance companies can consult CIS to obtain, store and exchange information about their customers. Now you want to know if there are insurers who offer car insurance without a check.

Car insurers naturally want to pay out as little compensation as possible. Also because the premium for their customers then becomes higher. Therefore, they prefer policyholders without problems such as a history of non-payment or a criminal record. If you are registered with the CIS Foundation, there is a good chance that your application will be rejected. It is almost impossible to get car insurance without a check. However, there is an insurance company you can always turn to. In this article we will tell you more.

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What does an insurer check when taking out a car insurance policy?

A CIS registration can have different causes. An insurer will do a check by requesting your details from Stichting CIS. They then look at what exactly you are registered for. An insurer will check the following:

Damage reports

All claims you submit to your insurer are recorded. It does not matter here who is at fault for the damage. For each claim, the factual data and personal details are kept.

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Insurance cancellation by insurer

An insurer has the right to cancel your insurance. For instance, if you have not paid the premium for a longer period of time or if you have intentionally provided incorrect information. All reasons for an insurer to terminate the insurance. Not all cancelled policies are registered with Stichting CIS. If you as policyholder have not fulfilled your contractual or financial obligation, the insurer may choose to register this in the CIS database.

Driving disqualification

A driving disqualification is actually always registered with the CIS Foundation, whatever the reason.

Uninsured motor vehicles

When an uninsured motor vehicle is involved in an accident, the data of the owner and the driver of the vehicle will be registered by the CIS Foundation.

Special reports

The CIS database is a control tool, not a rejection tool. Insurers also look at special reports. Special reports include EVRs, Confidential Reports, details of license plate holders and drivers of uninsured motor vehicles, total loss reports and sanction lists. These are reports from which a participant can derive more about the morality of the person involved or which are especially linked to an object.

Car insurance without check: de Vereende

Are you registered with the CIS Foundation? Then there is a good chance that a regular insurer will not accept you . If you want to take out a car insurance, but you are not accepted by a regular insurer, then De Vereende offers you a solution. De Vereende is a company that was specially founded for insuring special risks. If regular insurance companies drop out, you can always turn to De Vereende. De Vereende will always accept the car insurance, but the premium is higher than for a regular car insurance.

De Vereende terms and conditions

De Vereende does impose a number of conditions for taking out insurance:

  • You pay the premium at least 3 months in advance, also when paying monthly.
  • The insurance only takes effect after receipt of the first premium AND a signed application form.
  • In most cases De Vereende also charges a deposit of an average of €175. This must be paid in advance. If no damage has occurred at the end of the insurance policy, this amount will be refunded to you.

Get car insurance without a check through Alpina

We recommend that you always first use our online comparison module, which includes all regular insurance companies. You choose the company you like and go through the entire application by filling in all the questions truthfully. There is a chance that the company can still accept you at the regular rate. If this is not the case, we can always place you with de Vereende. If you are going to take out a car insurance with Vereende, you can also do the application online. Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss matters? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by phone at 030 - 688 37 00 or send us a message via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger.

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